DGZ Coaching for Better Performance

Our focus.

Improving performance through coaching!
Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on organizational performance and/or individual development, but may have a personal component as well.

Job Search Coaching

Job search coaching includes advice as to best practices in the each of the five steps of an effective job search.

Job Launch Coaching

A guided process so your first six months in a new role exceed everyone's expectations - including yours!

Team Development

Customized StrengthsFinder training to enhance individual and group performance. Follow-up coaching for individuals and teams is also available.

How it Works.

The coaching engagement is co-created and works like this:

Get Acquainted

The first step is a chemistry call where we get acquainted, discuss your goals for coaching, and my approach. The goal is determining if if it is good fit for both of us.


Initiate the Engagment

We will invest the time to get clear on what a successful outcome is for you. Depending on your goals, it may make sense to begin with an assessment, e.g. Clifton StrengthsFinder, Hogan, or CareerLeader.


The heart of the Process

Regular meetings, whether in person, via video, or by phone, are where discoveries and changes occur. Learning and experimenting with new approaches happen between sessions, too.

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Staying the Course

When the coaching comes to an end, we will focus on what you will do to continue your development for the next phase in your journey.