Hire a Career Coach to Bridge the Gap

Career coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. A coach helps you bridge the gap in a way that is easier and faster than you could on your own. Here are the benefits of coaching and when one would really help you.

Three significant benefits of coaching

The first thing you receive from coaching is a unique and objective perspective. The coach doesn’t judge their client and has no agenda other than the client’s success. The coach keeps in mind the client’s individual challenges and opportunities along with a higher-level contextual understanding of the client’s situation. 

The next significant benefit a coaching client receives is the personal insights which emerge from guided self-reflection and introspection. Do you need a coach to obtain this benefit? Maybe not. However, left on our own most of us do not invest time in self-reflection. Due to their unique perspective and the trust inherent in a great coaching relationship a coach can coax out insights which may be just beyond the awareness of the client.

The third value coaching provides is accountability. A coach holds the client accountable to do what is discussed and agreed upon during sessions. Again, this is something we certainly can do for ourselves; yet, again, most people do not. Many of us make excuses for why we don’t do something we set out to do; a great coach will challenge your excuses! They will help their client get to the reasons why they are resisting, or where the friction or resistance exists, to help them make the changes they seek to make.

Advance your career and performance

The reason a person hires a career coach is to help them get from where they are in their career now to where they want to be. In particular, a career coach can help you in these three areas: 

  • improving performance and developing skills in preparation for advancement,
  • conducting an effective job search,
  • beginning a new job either through promotion or recruitment.

Communications, leadership, and workplace relationships are common areas for performance improvement and skills development. The area of focus may arise from a performance assessment or 360 degree review. If an employer hires the coach, then the individual’s manager and HR are usually involved in setting goals for the engagement. If the individual hires the coach themself, the engagement is designed with the coach. These engagements typically last six to 12 months.

Uncertainty around best practices for completing the five steps of an effective job search is another reason for hiring a coach. Seek a coach who thoroughly understands the recruitment and hiring process. They can be an invaluable resource to jump start or reinvigorate your job quest or help you get unstuck. As with all coaching, the goal is for the client to become self-reliant. However job search coaching frequently includes elements of advising.

Finally, beginning a new job is an ideal time to take advantage of the benefits of coaching. The purpose is to advance along the learning curve inherent in every new role and/or new company at an accelerated rate and quickly make significant strategic contributions to the organization. It is frequently, but not always, arranged by the employer. Job launch coaching will help you exceed everyone’s expectations including your own!

“Everybody needs a coach.”

– Eric Schmidt, former Executive Chairman of Alphabet and former CEO of Google

Successful people from business, entertainment, and even philanthropy have coaches. A coach will provide perspective, help you access your inner wisdom, reveal your blind spots, and hold you accountable in order to advance in your career. Bridge whatever gap you are facing faster and easier with the help of a coach.