Take Time to Pause and Reflect

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I recommend you take time to pause and reflect because “life moves pretty fast.”
– Are you using your talents and strengths in ways you find rewarding?
– Is your work, and the people with whom you work, aligned with your values, motivations, and interests?
– Does your career allow you to live the lifestyle you want?
– Are you, through your job and at home, creating the legacy you want to create for yourself? 

Think about what needs to be different for you to be able to answer yes to those questions. How big is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Working with a coach can help you think through the questions and the answers in a more expansive way. 

Coaching creates space and time to reflect deeply on your situation. A coach can provide an outside perspective from a trusted and safe place; the coach’s agenda is your success. Working with a coach you can get clear on the changes you want to make, determine a strategy to make them, and set in motion the actions to be successful. A coach will help you stay accountable to yourself as you go through the process.

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